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  University of Ulster Editorial Style Guide
Editorial Guidance on the University of Ulster style

One of the main principles of quality publishing is giving readers the credit they deserve. They should be guaranteed an interesting and informative read, the basis for which is meticulous editing and easily recognisable, bright copy.
As a university promoting the quality of its teaching and research, it is even more important that each and every publication we produce is of the highest standard.
To prevent style faults getting into publications, it is essential to work alongside a house style and follow its direction. A house style nominates style usages in order to produce consistency in a publication. The justification for house style is not that the publication’s version is necessarily correct but that inconsistent style is confusing to the reader, unprofessional and untidy.
The University of Ulster supports the use of plain English and recommends avoiding the unnecessary use of (academic) jargon which can obscure meaning and hinder effective communication: “The golden rule is that plain English should be used in any information that ordinary people rely on when they make decisions.”
The purpose of our house style, then, is not to impose tyranny on independent, creative writing styles but to ensure that all University of Ulster material (print or online) has clarity and consistency, is distinctive and recognisable and makes sense.

It is important to remember that language is constantly changing: words disappear, lose or take on meanings and style becomes tired with time. Thus, as language and style change, so must their respective guides. This house style will be updated on an ongoing basis.
NB:  The way in which we now display our telephone numbers has changed.  Please see pages 14, 15 and 26 of the University of Ulster Editorial Style Guide for the correct layout.
If you have any questions regarding Ulster’s house style, please contact:
Corporate Communications
Telephone:  +44(0)28 7012 4463

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